We are a production company that seeks to implement an alliance between the Hessen region in Germany and the Biobío Region in Chile through filmmaking. We want to develop a co-production content platform for both fiction and documentaries. Our latest German-Chilean co-production, the film "Dominio Vigente", belongs to the first part of the trilogy "El Valor del a Tierra". It was premiered at 15 international festivals and won five awards in Canada, Panama, Argentina and Germany.


Nominado a Mejor Director Emergente, Alemania. 2020.


Mejor Película, Panamá. 2021.


Ganadora Mejor Soundtrack, Canada. 2021.


Premio del Jurado, Alemania. 2021.

MENCIN HONORABLE - PIFF Parana Internacional Films Festival 5 Edicin - 2021

Mención Honorable, Argentina. 2021.


A particularly important point for us is to operate on the basis of ecological filming standards. For this reason, our productions are environmentally friendly and have low CO2 emissions. To this end, we also offer Vegan and Vegetarian Catering Services during productions to meet the filming and other events requirements. By doing so, we want to stay at the forefront of film production with environmental awareness.

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